doc. Ing. Jana Kajanová, PhD
Fakulta managementu
Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave
Mgr. Magdaléna Musilová, PhD., LL.M.
Fakulta managementu
Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave

Purpose of the article In regard to mental health as one of the factors affecting the performance of companies as well as their competitiveness, we deal with the support of mental health in the context of the education of future leaders.
Methodology/methods We used standard scientific methods in the processing, e.g. analysis, synthesis, comparison, structured interviews, induction and deduction. The results of the research, which took place simultaneously in all V4 countries, show the findings and research results of Slovak respondents.
Scientific aim The aim of the submitted contribution is to present the results of research focused on changes in the behavior of employees and students at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University during the Covid-19 pandemic and after the end of the epidemic compared to the state before the start of the pandemic, as well as to identify options and tools affecting mental health, which must be taken into account in the education of business leaders.
Findings Based on the findings, we formulated recommendations which should be applied to the education process of future business leaders: to increase the share of tasks focused on students' communication and presentation skills, support teamwork, support dialogue and socialization, work in modern groups, spaces, provide study materials created by using modern information and communication technologies, to discuss the balance between work and personal life, to help support mental health.
Conclusions (limits, implications etc.) Without awareness of the importance of mental health in organizations and the ability to support it, they will not be well prepared to contribute to the recovery after the period of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restart of their activities in the case of businesses that were significantly negatively affected by the pandemic. It is therefore essential to train future leaders to consciously understand the importance of mental health in organizations and to raise their awareness of the diversity of employee needs in this area.

Príspevok je výstupom projektu IVF´s Strategic Grant no. 22210016 „Supporting mental health in organisations: developing future business leaders” / „Podpora duševného zdravia v organizáciách: rozvoj budúcich business lídrov

Strany: 101 – 110


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